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Bespoke garden ConCept designs, Supported managed projects & builds.

With Ongoing trustworthy ongoing maintenance where required

My Passion shown through my Hand-Drawn Designs

Since I FOUNDED Ed&Dale, I've worked hard to provide the best BESPOKE Designs. each client design is a customized offering based on Their Aspirations, specific needs, Specific Location & method of build, timescale and budget.


Eltham Garden - London
A client self-build, in planned stages to maximise budget

A re-design of a garden in Eltham in London. The design was done to allow the owners to self build the project in stages over several years at their own pace.

First Stage was a weekend shed makeover.

Followed by added most hard landscaping improvements.

garden 2.png
garden 6.png
Branksome garden - Bournemouth

Branksome Wood - Accessibility Garden - Bournemouth 2019/20

This project focused on improving the access (using a mobility Scotter or Walker ) from the communal parking area to a Private apartment entrance in a Deco Mansion Block in Bournemouth.

The clients for this project have the challenges that one of them requires a walker or mobility scooter when leaving the house. They also use this to get to their own car which has been adapted and features a small swing crane to lift the scooter in and out of the car. With the use of crutches, my client is then able to enter and drive his car like all other road users.

As they have an extensive private garden to the side and rear of their apartment which did have a boundary with the communal drive - I was able to propose a new private gate (Electric opening) and the then large area of resin drive to follow easier access to the car from the apartment and scooter.


Key challenges were the grounds sloped dramatically at the side of the house. The new drive would need to support the extra weight of an adapted Estate car, weight of scooter, and additional Scooter store and 2nd Scooter. while giving enough space to use the car easily, and if required allow a carer to park there too.

With the complication of a Tree Preservation Order on the Douglas Fir tree requiring a 6-meter wide preservation zone around it, and supporting terracing to deal with the sloping garden in 2 directions away from the apartment and mansion block.




Painted Gate.jpg
Front Courtyard & Back Walled Garden - Kingsbridge, Devon. My Self Built in Lockdown 2020

This was originally an assessment for my Post Graduate Diploma in Garden Design at the British Academy. However during Lockdown I decided to build the gardens to improve my own building skills and understanding of materials.

Entrance Courtyard

Improvement and upgrade of the entrance courtyard on a minimal budget. The original floor is concrete paving with Breezeblock walls which was covered with Greystone clippings and Golden Pea Gravel. The walls where painted Dove Grey. Large Green Planters were used to specimen trees with underplanting. Old 1930's milk churns were up-purposed to create an art installation called 'not the Devon Cream' - and a swirling line of gold grave snakes across the courtyard as if spilling out.


Back Walled Garden

The back walled garden is still work in progress but with a drop of over 2 metres in 10 meters the key task is to try and create terracing across the garden to use at different times of the day and make the sharp incline more useable.


The original cottage was a converted barn, which became a multi-level bungalow in the '80s. So the interior is also being improved. 


garden 4.png
Garden Build 4.7.20 c.png
Marble Surface
Marble Surface

Salcombe Garden Project - 

- A year to design and build with all the 
challenges of lockdown.

My Biggest project to date is the re-design of a garden in Salcombe. Site access is through a small side passage. I took on the site clearance - that took nearly 6 weeks. Most of the garden had not to be touched in some 20 years.

Then the hard landscaping involved the rebuilding of 3 dry stone walls (Which has taken one of the best stone mansions in the area nearly 6 months to complete. Also, a garden room was built by 'Inside out Garden Rooms.' Finally, a hot tube was craned over the house onto the site, Tonnes of slate dressed all the new paths and walls. This month will see all the planting completed and the project finally topped off and handed back to the clients. 

Video Tour Coming soon>
Marble Surface

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Gray Patterson - BA(Hons) Dip Arch.

Student Member of  the Society of Garden Designers.

Member of Kingsbridge & Salcombe Chamber of Commerce.

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